Travel Tips: 4 Ways to Practice Wellness While Traveling

Somehow vacations seem to give us permission to indulge, but have you ever regretted getting off of your workout and wellness routine for a few days of shameless bliss?  It's important to integrate wellness into each of your getaways to maintain balance and leave feeling rejuvenated.  Here are some of my favorite wellness tips;

Workout – If you have a workout routine, stick with it while you’re traveling.  While it may seem difficult to get a workout in, it will help you immensely with staying on track.  Ask about local gyms you could utilize during your stay.  Check out Class Pass, Soul Cycle or Equinox for heart pumping workouts that are inspiring. If you can’t fit a workout into your schedule, try walking through the city instead of taking an Uber or head up the stairs at your hotel to get back to your room.  Even if you don’t go all the way up, at least you’re getting your blood flowing! 


Stay Hydrated – Make sure to drink lots of water while traveling.  I’m the first to admit that I love a great glass of wine or bubbly champagne to “celebrate” a new adventure.  Try to refrain from drinking too much or avoid it all together.  You’ll feel much better when taking on your activities during your trip. 


Be Still – Find time for prayer, reflection or meditation in the midst of your travels.  One of my most pronounced travel memories I’ve had was after returning from Argentina from studying abroad, every single person was on their cell phones completely unaware of the moment.  I’ll never forget how that felt, so whenever I travel I try to be present in my environment.  Smile at people walking by, read a book or just be still with your thoughts.  Simply enjoy the moment and get excited for what’s to come. 

Miraval waiting area

Pamper Yourself – One my favorite things about staying in beautiful hotels is using those spa like tubs!  Bring a bath bomb, a hydrating face mask and an exfoliating scrub for your own in-room spa day!  If the hotel has a spa, take advantage of a treatment or simply enjoy a day use of the facilities and utilize the steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi and more. 

Park Hyatt Aviara - Spa

What are some of your favorite ways to stay well when traveling?  

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Getaway: Iconic San Diego Hotels

America’s Finest City is known for its beautiful beaches, fish tacos and laidback vibe.  Over the last decade San Diego has evolved immensely and grown to become a fantastic foodie haven and innovative smart city.  There are a few hotels that scream San Diego and top my recommendation list for a truly “San Diego” experience. 

Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado – Truly an iconic hotel and one of the top destinations in San Diego.  Built in 1888 and now a designated National Historic Landmark.  There is so much history within these walls!  Most notably, the ghost of Kate Morgan still occupies the resort after she passed from self-inflicted gunshot in 1892.  Some have expressed feeling her presence mainly in her old guestroom, but others have said they felt her presence in other areas of the hotel. 

The resort has had the pleasure of welcoming celebrities and historic figures.  Presidents Benjamin Harrison, President William Taft, President Franklin Roosevelt, President Jimmy Carter and President Gerald Ford were guests at the Hotel Del.  Celebrities like Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe also resided at the iconic property. 

To this day, the Hotel Del Coronado provides guests with personalized service, amazing culinary experiences, activities for children and wellness activities.  Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a quintessential San Diego experience! 

La Valencia Hotel

La Valencia Hotel – Known as the Pink Lady, she is located on Prospect Street in downtown La Jolla.  This property is full of old Hollywood glam and the energy is invigorating.  As soon as you walk in the door you’ll notice La Sala’s beautiful architecture and picture window overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  With only 114 rooms, this boutique Preferred Hotels & Resort property is one of a kind.  The location is perfect for walking down to the La Jolla Cove, exploring the local art galleries or some of the amazing restaurants in La Jolla Village.  Also, they will be adding Spa La V in 2018 which will add a wellness component that will make the hotel that much more enticing. 


The US Grant Hotel – This historic hotel is located in the Gaslamp District in San Diego.  It opened in 1910 to honor the memory of Ulyssys S. Grant shortly after Alonzo Horton designed downtown San Diego.  There are stories of speak easies, ghosts and military bunkers.  Such rich history now wrapped up in luxurious accommodations.  One interesting fact is that the land that the hotel sits on used to belong to the Kumeyaay Native American tribe.   The current owners of the hotel are the Sycuan tribe, a tribe of the Kumeyaay Native American tribe.  I get chills every time I think of that full circle story!  One thing to look for is the custom drip paintings in each of the guestrooms.   Each one is different and adds a unique flavor to the décor. 

What are some of your favorite historic properties?  

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